Rent Baby Gear

Terms & Condtions



All the rented goods remain the property of Rent baby gear at all times.

The rented goods become your responsibility from the completion of delivery to the time of collection. Rent baby gear ask you to inspect the rented goods on delivery (where possible) before accepting the items. Rent baby gear  will inspect the rented goods before delivery and ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of items.

You are responsible for insuring the rented goods during the hire period.

You agree to pay Rent baby gear for any loss or damage to the rented goods that are incurred in the hire period & that you are in possession of the rented  goods. After collection of the rented goods, Rent baby gear will inspect the rented goods and contact you if there are any missing or broken items.

The cost of replacement or repair is limited to the price of replacing the item.

You agree not to make or permit any unauthorized persons to make alterations to the rented goods.

The rented goods must be returned or collected inclusive of all parts, clean and in working order. Failure to return the rented goods in this state may result in Rent baby gear charging extra cost for repair, replacemen and/or additional cleaning expenses from the Customer (this amount is capped at the replacement cost of the item). Rent baby gear maintain, check and clean our rented goods after each use and replace them when necessary Rent baby gear is not responsible for any defects, faults or issues of rented  goods as a result of the manufacturer.

Rent baby gear is not liable if you fail to follow any relevant instruction for the hired goods or if you fail to follow the guidance of any governing body in regards to the use of the rented goods.

It is the Customers responsibility to make sure that all information provided in relation to the rented goods is accurate.

Rent baby gear is not liable if the rented goods are the wrong size as a result of inaccurate information provided by you in regards to the child’s size or age. Rent baby gearis not responsible for the incorrect installation or fitting of any rented goods or purchased. Rent baby gear can give general advice and direct you to the manuals of the rented goods but Rent baby gear is not responsible for the incorrect installation or use of the rented goods.

The Costumer must take their own precautions when using the rented  goods and ensure that they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Rent baby gear reserve the right to charge additional delivery fees. If there are any issues with any of the rented goods, please contact Rent baby gear immediately and we will replace the item as soon as possible. In the event that the rented goods are retained beyond the period of hire, an additional penalty will be charged.

This agreement cannot be transferred or assigned to any other party without the consent of Rent baby gear.

Rent baby gear will inform you before charging you with any extra cost.

Last minute booking: for a same day delivery WMAC will charge 15%

extra rent cost.


Cancellations cannot be made after delivery has been made. The Customer will not receive a refund if the items have already been delivered.

If a purchase is cancelled up to 48 hours before delivery, 20% of the total purchase cost will be charged to the Customer. If a purchase is cancelled less than 24 hours before delivery, 70% of the total purchase cost will be charged to the Customer.

If Rent baby gear or the Customer experience events beyond control that prohibit the purchase being delivered or collected, Rent baby gear and the Customer will let each other know as soon as possible and endeavor to come to a reasonable solution for both parties.

Rent baby gear reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any purchase at any time. WMAC will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and refund the purchase in full.


Delivery /pick up in Amsterdam starts from.

  1. Please note for delivery/pick up in other cities we have other prices.

Pick up and delivery at Schiphol Airport is also possible.

The option to pick up the rented goods is also possible at our office

during the opening hours.Rent baby gear will endeavor to deliver items to the specified location by the agreed time. If there is an event beyond our control, which prohibits us from delivering the rented goods within a reasonable extension of the agreed time, we will reduce the price of purchase accordingly as determined by us.

If Rent baby gear cannot make the delivery or the time agreed, we will communicate this with you as soon as possible and make the necessary arrangements. If Rent baby gear is unable to find a time or solution that works for the Customer, Rent baby gear will refund your purchase.If you or someone nominated by you to accept the delivery fail to do so at the delivery location, Rent baby gear reserve the right to charge a reasonable cost for re-delivery at a later date or time.


WMAC aim to resolve any complaints or respond to any comments that you have as soon as possible and find the right solution for you, the  Customer, and us. If you have a complaint Rent baby gear aim to respond and resolve the complaint within 5 working days.


-rented goods – refers to any item you can hire from Rent baby gear;

-customer or you – refers to you as the purchaser of the rented goods;

Rent baby gear or us – refers to us as the provider of the rented goods;

-purchase – a transaction by you, the customer, when purchasing the hire of the goods from us.

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